Yes, I’m A Pig

Yes, I’m A Pig

Today, my snout is held high as I step up to the trough of truth! I’m boldly declaring: I AM A PIG.

Born in the Chinese Year of the Pig, (years: 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, and 2019), I have shared the shame felt by all you individuals forced to admit your symbol (Rats).  If only fate had smiled upon me one year earlier (Year of the Dog), I’d be paraded around on people’s mobile phones like a pampered pup.

But let me tell you, being a pig is not all about wallowing in the mud and snorting. As the brilliant Brene Brown would say, vulnerability carries a power we often underestimate. And guess what? That power extends to pig-dom too!

I must confess, I used to believe there was no strength in being a pig—just an endless symphony of oinks and grunts. The shame weighed heavy on my trotters. But then, a recent news item caught my attention, and everything changed. It revolved around a remarkable pig named Barbie Q, living her best life on the picturesque Sooke Island, British Columbia. Just like me, Barbie Q was a misunderstood piggy.

Fast forward to June 27, 2023, and behold the hog-oriety Barbie Q achieved—a whopping 3.85 million subscribers on YouTube. What on earth catapulted this little swine to stardom? Prepare to be amazed. Barbie Q fearlessly faced the impossible, driving away a menacing black bear not just from Ruff Acres but also safeguarding all her fellow farm animals. Now that’s one pig with a serious attitude!

What’s the moral of this barnyard tale? When life thrusts insurmountable challenges at your snout, don’t roll over like a hog in the mud. Rise up! Show the world your indomitable spirit, just like our courageous Barbie Q, stand strong in your defining moment, and spread the wisdom gained from your journey. You never know, it might just save others too.

Yes, I proudly declare myself a pig, and I am humbled to stand alongside resilient creatures like Barbie Q. Let’s unleash our victorious squeals from the barnyard rooftops, sharing the lessons we’ve learned, because being a pig goes beyond the confines of a sty. There’s a whole world out there waiting to witness your undeniable greatness too.


The Woz
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