LIVE at TEDx White Rock

On May 31, 2018, Denise Wozniak presented at TEDx White Rock, giving a talk entitled: Breaking Free From Depression. Click below to watch the 16-minute talk.


“Denise is a dynamic speaker and her words have great impact. She is especially sensitive to the needs of her audience and adapts deftly to the mood of the room. It’s always a pleasure to hear what Denise has to say. She is truly inspiring!”

-Russ Harvey / CEO, Positive Living Society



On topics of Freedom from Stress and Depression

or Inspiration and Direction

We can become stuck in depression over events such as family deaths, relationship difficulties, stress at home and work. Denise demonstrates that changing perspective takes more than positive thinking. Denise teaches skills that make audiences proactive when stress arrives.

Denise’s work in Human Resources at an international accounting firm, her storytelling ability, her resilience and her humor to cope with extremely traumatic experiences make Denise a popular keynote and workshop inspirational speaker. 

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Click below to view Denise’s recent June 2018 feature in CBC. 

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