Denise is a dynamic speaker and her words have great impact. She is especially sensitive to the needs of her audience and adapts deftly to the mood of the room. It’s always a pleasure to hear what Denise has to say. She is truly inspiring!

Change your life through inspiration, motivation and empowerment.

Denise faced an incredibly traumatic period in her life and learned the value of resilience and strength in uncertain times.

In 1994, Denise received the shocking diagnoses that she and her daughter were infected with the AIDS virus. After supporting her dying daughter, Denise founded a children’s society and co-authored UN educational information on children with AIDS. She confronted her fear of rejection and spoke to media, newspapers, conferences and corporations to demonstrate it is possible to let go of doubt and fear and even become stronger.

Happiness and laughter are important in our lives. Stress and trauma have been shown to decrease productivity, affect careers and sidetrack leadership and teamwork. At home, broken relationships, increased worries and personal doubt can occur. When combined, they can result in negativity, anger and resentment. All of these events add up to reversals and lack of improvement and momentum. Denise believes we all need to be accountable for how we show up and how we lead and educate others.

Denise inspires her audiences to believe that they can find solutions to worries and doubt. She educates on ways to examine problems, react with common sense solutions and experience improved thinking.

Learn to become proactive, grounded, success-oriented and motivated. Change your wishbone to a backbone today!

Keynotes, group breakout sessions, humorous stories, and interaction with audiences all combine to make this event informative, skill building and fun. You will be glad you didn’t miss the opportunity to hear Denise.

Master public speaking

Denise went from fear to success and became a Certified World Class Speaking Coach.

Are you listened to, understood and remembered?

Have you ever felt you could be a better speaker? Are you upset at your lack of skill? Are you unsure or afraid of speaking in public?

Are you missing opportunities to advance?

You too can:

  • Overcome Fear
  • Learn Quickly and Effectively
  • Wow your audiences through important techniques
  • Structuring speeches with effective introductions, premises, stories, summaries.
  • Learn how to make a message stick.

Don’t delay what you can improve today.

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