Denise Wozniak

Inspirational, Humorous, Educational

Hire Denise to inspire resilience and self-confidence.  Denise is experienced as an inspirational speaker, motivational leader and speaking coach. She has talked to international audiences of up to 9,000 people and works well with event planners, ensuring that you will be glad you chose her to speak at your event. For humor, inspiration and a renewed sense of optimism, make sure you hire Denise today.

Experiencing Burn Out? 

The job was exactly what you were looking for and you wanted to make a difference.  You were keen but after a few years you lost your excitement and it was a daily struggle.

Denise is someone who knows that feeling. Within one short month, she was laid off her job, told her daughter would die and was diagnosed with an incurable illness. Everything had changed. 

Denise dug deep to get back on track and eventually she found the will to go on.  She will tell you how to stop your downward spiral, look at things differently and even how to become better through your challenges.



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