Denise is a dynamic speaker and her words had a great impact. She is especially sensitive to the needs of her audience and adapts deftly to the mood of the room. It’s always a pleasure to hear what Denise has to say. She is truly inspiring!

                                Val Nicholson, Chair, Positive Living BC

Denise’s message and her event planning experience, human resources training and knowing how to connect with audiences make her in demand and popular among conference and meeting organizers.

Changing a Wishbone for a Backbone

When we’re stressed and worried, it’s hard to keep our minds on tasks.  It’s tempting to wish that we had a different life and we worry about how we possibly manage to carry on the balancing act of changing our future while dealing with our past and present.

Denise has had difficult life experiences and tragedies, some are common to everyone and some are unique.  She discusses ways of taking time to acknowledge a problem, look at it as part of life’s journey and even become better because of it.  Denise knows worrying seldom solves any problems and wishing that we could magically get what we want is not the same as thinking in a positive way and having goals.

Denise talks about stepping up and confronting difficult situations.  Thinking in a positive way is always important – building a system for coping with stressful situations gets you even further.  You will learn steps which have already been proven useful and can be used at home or at work, transforming worries and wishes into workable solutions.

Listen before you Speak

When Denise was a teenager she was told that she had permanent hearing damage.  This did not stop her desire to become a better speaker and a better listener.  Denise talks about how her hearing problem was finally solved and in the meantime how she learned to become a international inspirational speaker.

You will learn how to overcome difficulties in your life and become a better communicator.

Denise has been taught by world renowned speakers and is an accomplished motivational and inspirational communications specialist.  Denise conveys her message in a way that will leave you laughing and feeling inspired that you too can rise above whatever is holding you back.


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