Denise Wozniak

Make your meetings fun and rewarding!

Hire Denise to provide employers and employees with the tools they need to transform worries and doubts into certainty and enthusiasm.

Denise helps audiences in the public and private sectors discover that a sense of direction and belief in themselves are vital during problematic situations.

Whether it be as a Keynote, Workshop Presenter, Panel Host or as an MC, Denise will ensure that her time with you is energizing, meaningful and full of fun.  


The job was exactly what you were looking for - you wanted to help people.. you wanted to be a leader in your field and you would make your mark. But something changed and you no longer had the same enthusiasm for work, in fact you were worried what the future might hold.

Sometimes change can cause us to be restless, uneasy and dubious. What can be done to regain a feeling of confidence and security?

Denise's positive attitude and English wit will show you how to avoid burnout, overcome obstacles and lighten-up your thinking at home and at work.  Learn to let go!

Denise is experienced with speaking to audiences as small as 30 people and as large as 9,000.  She communicates easily with leaders, teams and employees. She encourages problem analysis, finding practical solutions and shows ways to expect and embrace change.



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