“Denise is a dynamic speaker and her words have great impact. She is especially sensitive to the needs of her audience and adapts deftly to the mood of the room. It’s always a pleasure to hear what Denise has to say. She is truly inspiring!”

-Russ Harvey / CEO, Positive Living Society


Becoming unstuck:

Lead with Adaptability & Enlightenment

  • Adaptability to transition;
  • Enlightenment – how change can be beneficial.

Forbes Magazine recognizes Adaptability as “The key leadership trait in today’s digital world”.

When you have worked in a certain way, it can be difficult to be open to change.  Adaptability and open minds play an important role if we are to be leaders and respected in our chosen fields.

In addition, we can become stuck in depression over events such as family deaths, relationship difficulties, stress at home and work.

Denise’s work in Human Resources at an international accounting firm during mergers and acquisitions, together with her own personal traumatic experiences have resulted in her becoming an expert in transition, resilience and growth. 




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