Do YOU have a life purpose?

So, there I was, minding my own business, when a friend pops the big question: “Do you have a life purpose?” Now, this isn’t your typical water cooler chat. This is the existential equivalent of trying to unravel a Rubik’s Cube while riding a unicycle. But hey, I thought I had it all figured out.

I confidently replied, “Absolutely! My life purpose is to climb the corporate ladder, become a human resources director, and ensure that my daughter lives a happy, healthy life with a kick-ass career.” You know, just your run-of-the-mill dreams of a working parent. I was aiming for the stars.

But it seems that life had other plans. Just a year later, I found myself on the receiving end of a pink slip, along with 30 of my colleagues. Talk about downsizing! And if that wasn’t enough, fate decided to throw me a curveball. Two weeks after losing my job, my daughter and I were hit with the news: we were diagnosed with AIDS. Double whammy.

Suddenly, any semblance of a life purpose went up in smoke. It was like playing Jenga and having the whole tower collapse right before your eyes. I felt like a ship lost at sea, drifting aimlessly with no direction or hope.

But here’s the kicker. Fast forward to today, and I’ve come to realize something profound. Sometimes, when life knocks you down hard, the only way to find that flicker of purpose again is through the love and support of others. It’s in those moments of connection, of reaching out and grabbing someone’s hand, that you start to believe in the possibility of a new purpose.

I’m still standing (well, metaphorically speaking). Life knocked me down, but it couldn’t keep me down for long. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that even when you feel adrift and alone, there’s always a chance for a fresh start, a new purpose. Because in this crazy, unpredictable world, it’s the people around us who remind us that life, even in its darkest moments, is worth living.

Hold on tight to those who lift you up when life tries to bring you down. Stay strong, and keep searching for that flicker of purpose. It’s worth it.

The Woz
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