Hand control and how you give a hand shake can tell people immediately what kind of person they believe you to be.  A recent example are some of the many handshakes President Trump has been photographed giving to various leaders. It almost seemed to be a never ending handshake when he met President Macron of France. (I strongly suggest you watch the Trump-Macron video then the Allan Pease video and lastly go back to the Trump-Macron handshake video and it will become extremely clear what is going on with the Presidents’ handshakes)

A few years ago, I watched the video by Allan Pease.  I’ve included an updated version for you to watch. Concentrate on how you greet someone and how your hands move when talking to your prospect or audience.

Today when I speak to audiences, I am much more aware of how I control my hands after listening to Allan Pease.

Whether you are going for an interview, meeting someone for the first time or speaking in a presentation, hand movement can be extremely important in telling people about you and how much confidence you have.


Presentation and Interview Tips: Hand control
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