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Denise is a motivational and inspirational speaker who has been through incredibly tough times. Within a month, she was laid off her job with 30 other employees, found out that her six month old daughter had AIDS and that she had also been infected with HIV. She became her daughter’s caregiver until her daughter died at home when she was just 9 months old in an era of discrimination and secrecy.

Despite enormous pressure, Denise feels she has become more resilient and has even experienced growth which she now teaches to others. Coping with Stress is one of the most difficult parts of work, home. relationships and family life.  Denise motivates and inspires audiences to give them new strategies which will turn their lives around.

Denise went on to speak at many venues in an effort to raise awareness of children living with AIDS and was awardedQueen Elizabeth’s Jubilee Gold and Diamond medals for her work. She believed in the importance of a good learning experience for her audience and overcame her fear of speaking to become a Certified World Class Speaking Coach.

Denise looks at issues such as burn out, stress and worry and gives practical solutions for her audience to use in their every day lives. Denise interacts with audiences to demonstrate life can be fun, full of laughter and they too can look at the world with confidence and leadership skills.

Popular with media and has appeared on CBC, CTV and in Canada’s national paper, the Globe and Mail, as well as the Vancouver Sun.