Here’s my story so far..

Helping others to understand their stress, grow from it and become pro-active is my passion.

Many people face ups and downs when it’s difficult to think in any way that is positive; feeling stagnant or sad is understandable. There are many methods we can all learn of how to be at peace with our challenges, accept them and increase our life experience because of them.

There was a difficult period in my life when I was told that my daughter and I were going to die, when everything seemed hopeless. It set me back for a long time. I was lost.

Along the way, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and my own hobby of photography helped me understand there was a world of hope and beauty outside my sadness.

Humans are capable of considerable RESILIENCE. You are stronger than you think and you have the capability to build A NEW WAY OF THINKING.

When we finally meet, there will be plenty of humor and you will feel capable of enormous strength of character. You will understand challenges and how to think of them in a structural way.

More about me:

I grew up and was educated in England.

As a little girl, it was my dream to have a career helping others and possibly of becoming a teacher, just like my father.

easter bag

After emigrating to Canada at 2o years old and being a member of the Human Resources team of a large accounting firm, I began to understand every day problems of employees.

Life doesn’t always go the way you plan. I changed my job for one closer to home and after nine months I was laid off with 30 other employees. Within a week, my daughter became extremely sick and was taken to Intensive Care at a Children’s Hospital. My husband and I were shocked to learn that she had AIDS and I had HIV, thankfully my husband was not infected. I found I had become HIV-positive five years earlier

It was a time when HIV was stigmatized and in keeping our secret, we were not able to access support from friends and family. Many people face similar problems, they don’t want to seem weak. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a desperate situation where support is needed and many feel unable to seek it for fear of judgement.


How do you go on after that? Eventually, I knew it was imperative that my story be told in the hope it would help others. I had to stop using MY WISHBONE and get a BACKBONE!

Not allowing myself to be swallowed up with fear, hate, blame, self-pity and misery, helped me look at life with a stronger focus and intent. In order to appreciate the world around me, it was necessary to focus on what were the reasons for not moving forward.

I remembered how happy and enthusiastic my personality was. After studying articles, watching videos, and taking self-improvement courses, I was certain that my mindset had to change drastically.

new mindset-

Sharing this new way of thinking at international events, conferences and meetings has meant I can finally realize my dream of helping others find a way to push through stress and find the courage they need to move forward.

Previous Event Keynotes and Workshops:

Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

Human Resources Professionals Association, Toronto

Providence Health Care Annual Conference, Vancouver

Calgary Teachers Annual Conference

The International Palliative Care Annual Conference, Montreal

Canadian Union of Public Employees, Vancouver

B.C. Federation of Labor, Vancouver

University of British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia’s Children’s Hospital

Guest interviewed on:

“The Current” with Anna Maria Tremonti, CBC Radio One

“Canada AM”, CTV Television Network

Rafe Maier Show – CKNW, Vancouver Radio

Bill Good Show, CKNW, Vancouver Radio

Shelagh Rogers, Sounds Like Canada CBC Radio One, Canada

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