Denise Wozniak, National & International Consultant, Adaptability

Denise’s epic story is a rare combination of adaptability, courage and determination.

Denise was one of thirty people laid off by a school district; within two weeks she was also informed that she had HIV and her daughter had AIDS. Despite the shock and stigma, Denise took to news media to talk about the secrecy surrounding families living with HIV/AIDS. She formed a charitable society for HIV-positive children and co-authored a United Nations pamphlet on the ethical inclusion of children with HIV in NGO’s.

Denise has become an in-demand speaker at international conferences, work places and training institutes.  

Denise’s talk is certainly not all doom and gloom – she is booked for her inspirational attitude and hilarious anecdotes.  Denise Wozniak will help you understand how confronting stress can bring out your greatest creativity and leadership qualities.

You’re guaranteed to feel empowered, inspired and renewed after attending Denise’s extremely popular presentation and workshops.


Denise is the honored recipient of both the Gold Jubilee Medal and Diamond Jubilee Medal by Queen Elizabeth II. 



  • Board Member, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS)
  • Certified Speaking Coach
  • Advanced Toastmaster
  • Panel leader, Event Planner and Human Resources leader.

International events, conferences and venues:

  • The International Palliative Care Conference
  • Human Resources Professionals Association, Toronto
  • Canadian Union of Public Employees
  • Providence Health Care Conference,
  • Calgary Teachers Annual Conference
  • USANA International Convention, Salt Lake City
  • B.C. Federation of Labor
  • University of British Columbia
  • Simon Fraser University, Vancouver
  • British Columbia’s Children’s Hospital
  • Various Hospices, Rotaries and Chambers of Commerce.

Recent media coverage: